DX University™

  A Guide for DXers and DXpeditioners

»  Remote Control Operation and the DXCC Program

»  Cheating by Remote

»  A little Story: Yes you can, but...

»  The Complete DXer

»  Think About It

»  A Positive Approach

»  What about Mt. Athos?

»  QRM and Frustration; What should we do?

»  Decisions Due for DXCC Rules Changes

»  Once Again...

»  Without the Internet

»  Back to the Future

»  The West Coast DX Bulletin

»  W1AW Portable Seven

»  A New Level of Strange

»  DXAC to Formulate Final Report to ARRL Board

»  Some Bandwidth Stuff

»  Perceptions

»  That's An Unfair Propagational Advantage!!!

»  DX Sessions at the IDXC in Visalia

»  The Bigger Picture

»  Why Doesn't It Count?

»  â€œAm I in the Log?”

»  Study the Operator

»  What Some of the Newer DXers Need to Know

»  More on Remote Control

»  How About a Real DX Contest?

»  Yet More on DXpeditioning Spending

»  Bureau Cards via Club Log OQRS

»  Full Disclosure – A Story in Two Cases

»  DX History

»  A Forward to the DXCC Rules

»  Heard DXpedition Restructuring

»  A Retrospective on Mega-DXpeditions

»  The DXpedition of the Year

»  Is the Honor Roll Too Difficult?

»  Working Dupes

»  Targeting

»  Some of the Best Operators

»  On-Line Logs and LoTW

»  Chances of a Lifetime!

»  Continuous Calling in a Pileup – What’s Going On?

»  Best Practices for DXpedition Operating

»  Those Nasty Pileups - Are They Really That Bad?

»  What Happened to Ten Meters?

»  Expectations: What do YOU expect from a DXpedition?

»  A Postcard from Montana

»  The Nature of Future DXpeditions

»  Upcoming DX -- Swains Island

»  Why?

»  How to Gain an Advantage in a Pileup

»  Reduce Confusion by Improving Your Timing -- And Listening!

»  DXpedition Retrospective: 1A0C

»  New DX Waves and Terms Coming Up: The DXPP and Outer Space

»  Encore Performance: What Are You Listening For?

»  Duplicate QSOs Submitted to LoTW

»  Using Propagation to Your Advantage

»  Running the Show

»  Remote Control DXing and DXCC in the 21st Century

»  My Last Word on DXpeditioning Funding...For Now

»  More DXpedition Funding and Club Log

»  Some of Our Best Friends

»  DXpedition Funding

»  DX University Recap

»  Prequisite Reading

»  Estimating Where to Call Next

»  If You Cant Find the Pileup, Look Elsewhere. You Might Be Surprised

»  CW Code Readers

»  Slow Down a Bit

»  Faulty Timing

»  When in Doubt -- Don't Transmit

»  Making the Best of Your Time -- Study the Pileup

»  The Phases of a DXpedition

»  Using QSK Effectively

»  What Are You Listening For?

»  Listen to What?