DX University™

  A Guide for DXers and DXpeditioners

DX University Recap

DX University Recap

The first running of the DX University was held at the Visalia International DX Convention on April 20, 2012. By most accounts it was a great success. The topics ranged from station and antenna considerations through operating – finding and calling the DX – to ethics, propagation, the use of the Internet and awards. A special feature was reflections and a view of DXing from Malpelo, HK0NA by Bob Allphin, K4UEE.


An in-person presentation has obvious advantages. Recognizing that relatively few can actually attend, we intend to include an Internet presence in the DX University experience. In the coming months, we will endeavour to move much of the DXU material to the DX University website (www.dxuniversity.com).


Additional information is available from several publications by University professors. Bob Locher, W9KNI has published several books, The Complete DXer and A Year of DX, both published by Idiom Press. Bob is a classic DXer. His books offer extremely useful insight into the art of locating and working DX. The DailyDX™ and the WeeklyDX™ from Bernie McClenny, W3UR offer comprehensive, up- to-date information to keep the avid DXer at the front of the pack.


We will also expand the scope of the DX University website to include other DXing and DXpeditioning issues, including an updated version of “DXpeditioning Basics.” More of the pileup audio recordings will be included along with commentary and study on these recordings. This series in the WeeklyDX™ will also continue along a similar vein.

 We are currently reviewing the student evaluations and looking at what can be done to make improvements in the next DX University program. In particular, recognizing the large difference in the experience of DXers, the material presented in future DX University sessions, both in-person and [possibly] online, will be adjusted appropriately. The next running will be at the Rocky Mountain ARRL Division Convention in Bryce Canyon National Park in late July, 2012. Other DXUs and similar events are in the works.