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DXing on the HF bands is always somewhat chaotic. It's always been that way, and it always will be. (If you don't remember, ask any DX-active old-timer.) Today, award programs and other activities, such as Club Log are attracting more and more activity to the large number of DXpedition efforts. They attract DXers because they are fun. But, more activity means more opportunities for conflict.

There are usually some intentional QRMers and jammers, but mostly there are more DXers, many of whom are less than sufficiently knowledgeable or careful to keep them from causing interference Simultaneous listening to both sides of a pileup by an observer will reveal how imperfect but innocent operating causes problems.

The DX University is dedicated to heping improve operating awareness during DXpeditions. To this end, we have created Best Practices for DXpedition Operating. This is a set of guidelines for DXpedition operators. Most DXers have long recognized that the DXpeditioner has the power to make pileups run smoothly. The pileup is a direct reflection of the ability of the DXpedition operator. Time and time again, undesirable situations related to DX pileups point to failures of the DXpedition operator. When closely followed, Best Practices for DXpedition Opeating can make a significant difference in the quality of DX pileups - more fun for everyone.

In addition to Best Practices for DXpedition Operating , The DX University™ has created a set of best practices for DXers. Best Practices for Courteous and Efficient DXing is dedicated to improving operating awareness. These guidelines, if followed will help improve the operating that we hear on the DX bands. Pileups would be more orderly and much less frustrating. There are more than just a few simple lines though. Reading the expanded versions is very important.

Both of these topics are covered in the pages of the DX University. Proper procedures for DXers are synonymous with greater efficiency in DX chasing and can greatly enhance your DXing efforts. Proper procedures employed by the DXpeditioner can enhance the DXing experience for everyone.

For additional information, see DXpeditioning Basics for DXpeditioners elsewhere on this site or at http://www.dxpeditioningbasics.com 

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