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The New DXer's Handbook (c)

The second edition The New DXer's Handbook is now available at Bryces home page: http://www.k7ua.com. Bryce says: In 2010 I wrote the first edition of this handbook for new members of the Utah DX Association. It was intended to give them something that would be easy to understand yet would quickly teach them the basic skills of successful DXing that took me years to discover on my own. Now in hindsight it all seems so simple.

DXing can become a lifelong passion and is a lot of fun! It offers opportunities for personal growth in a wide variety of areas: geography, engineering, science, language skills and many more. It also offers a competitive outlet for those who are so inclined. And best of all, through DXing I have made many new friends all over the world!

To my pleasant surprise this primer has gained an international readership and is now available in six languages! The first edition has become somewhat outdated and was never written for a broad audience. I have attempted to remedy both of those issues here in the second edition. I am honored by the recognition that I have been given. Wherever you are, I hope that you will enjoy this handbook and that it will help you gain some new skills. I truly hope that it will give a running start to those new to our ranks. Nothing would please me more than to learn that I have helped a new generation of young DXers get started. 

Please feel to email me your feedback or questions. My email address is listed on QRZ.com. - K7UA

     Posted: 2015-01-13
Navassa Island - KP1

Dear members of the DX University,

Recently, the KP1-5 Project announced plans to activate the #1 most-need DXCC entity - Navassa Island (KP1). This is the same group that conducted the highly successful DXpedition to Desecheo Island (K5D) in 2009. This operation is scheduled for 14 days and will occur in late January, 2015.   The DXpedition leaders, Bob Allphin, K4UEE and Dr. Glenn Johnson, W0GJ, have assembled a terrific team of great operators with many years of DXpedition experience.  They are: Lou – N2TU; Ralph – K0IR; Jeff – NM1Y; Gregg – W6IZT; Mike – N6MZ; George – N4GRN; Tim – K5AC; Tomi – KT4TTT (HA7RY); Jerry – WB9Z; Bob – N2OO; Mike – NA5U; Craig – K9CT; George – AA7JV. Included are four members of the CQ DX Hall of Fame: W0GJ, K0IR, N2OOand K4UEE.

The last major operation from Navassa Island was 1993…a generation ago! Since then, Navassa Island has climbed steadily back to the very top of the most wanted list. Our goal is to give everyone who needs a contact for an all-time new one (ATNO) at least one QSO.  Secondarily, we will provide band/mode contacts for those chasing the DXCC Challenge and other awards.

The team will be QRV 24/7 on 160m-6m CW, SSB, and RTTY modes.  The operation will be based around the lighthouse area on the island. We plan eight stations….all using Elecraft K3's, a full complement of antennas, and 500 watt amplifiers.

As with all DXpeditions to "Top Ten" DXCC entities, this is a costly venture. The expenses total just over $300,000 - due to the necessity of using helicopters. Each operator must contribute a minimum of $7,500 plus personal expenses by paying their own way to/from the helicopter departure point.  They will be away from work, home and family for three weeks and are all prepared for the financial and physical risks inherent in a major DXpedition of this magnitude.

The DXpedition team has committed to pay 50% of the total costs. The KP1-5 Project needs the support of the worldwide DX Community to pay the other half of the costs.  We believe this is a fair arrangement for the team and DXers alike.

INDEXA has made an extremely generous contribution to the project and was first to offer support.  Now, other DX Clubs have offered support as well but we need broad participation on the part of DX Clubs worldwide. We also need the help of individual DXers, not only from North America, but also from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Oceania.

Since the DXpeditions is planned for January 2015, time is quite short to raise the necessary funds.

So, please consider a generous contribution to this project. To have your club or organization’s logo included with the QSL card please contribute $500 or more; or $250 to have your club’s name included with the QSL card.  Individual contributions of $100 or more will be listed with the QSL card.  Everyone who supports the DXpedition will be listed and properly recognized on our website.

We encourage you to visit the Navassa Island website (www.navassadx.com) and donate via the PayPal link. It’s free and easy. Or you can contribute with a major credit card, even without a PayPal account. If that is not convenient, you may make a check or money order payable to The KP1-5 Project and mail to Mike Thomas NA5U at to the address shown below.  Remember to put your clubs name on the “for" line.

Please mail all contributions to:

The KP1-5 Project

C/o Mike Thomas, NA5U

5717 Puerto Vallarta Dr.

North Richland Hills, TX 76180 

     Posted: 2014-11-05
DX University at 2015 IDXC in Visalia

The DX University is pleased to announce that an all-day DXing session will be conducted on Friday, April 15th at the Visalia International DX Convention. The program is listed below. (The times may vary.)

Visit http://www.dxconvention.com/pages/cadxu.html to register.

2015 IDXC DX University - Preliminary Program

Morning Session : 8:00 am to 12:00 noon (Location: Charter Oak A/B/E) 
0800-0845 Welcome (N7NG) 
0845-0930 "Working with the Governments to Gain Access to Sensitive Locations" - Bob, K4UEE 
0930-0945 BREAK 
0945-1030 "Topics in DXpedition Planning" - Ralph, K0IR
1030-1115 "Using Vacation Operating to Learn DXpeditioning" - Rich, KE1B 
1115-1200 Questions From The Floor - Panel Discussion (N7NG, K4UEE, K0IR, KE1B)

1200-1300 LUNCH (optional box lunch can be purchased for $15.00 when you register)

Afternoon Session: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Location: Charter Oak C/D)
1300-1345 "A New View of Gray Line Propagation" - Carl, K9LA
1345-1430 "Digital Communications Methods for the DXpedition Side" - Ed, W0YK 
1430-1445 BREAK 
1445-1530 "The Club Log Story" - Michael, G7VJR
1530-1615 "Thoughts on DQRM: Intentional QRM and Jamming DXpeditions" - Wayne, N7NG
1615-1700 Questions From The Floor - Panel Discussion (K9LA, W0YK, G7VJR, N7NG)
     Posted: 2015-01-10
DXU Best Practices

With ever increasing activity, pileup behavior on the DX bands seems to be becoming worse and worse. The DX Code of Conduct is a widely circulated list of operating rules that have been adopted by many DXpeditions. The original Code is directed at DXers, and it instructs them how to operate in a way that could bring order and make pileups more civil.

Less widely known is that "The DX Code of Conduct" Web pages also contain a set of guidelines for DXpeditioners or DXpeditioner's CodeThe DX-Code organization has asked DXpedition leaders to "support" the DX Code of Conduct. Which code they support is not always clear, however.

To clarify this situation, the DX University offers clearly delineated guidelines for both DXpeditioners and DXers. They are referred to separately as "Best Practices for DXpedition Operating" and "Best Practices for Courteous and Efficient DXing." Links to these pages are found elsewhere on this page. Best Practices" for DXers is similar to those of the DX Code of Conduct, although presented as suggestions.

The "Best Practices for DXpedition Operating" is the result of a considerable effort by a group of experienced DXers and DXpeditioners who hold strongly to the principle that DXpeditioners themselves are in the best position to control and manage their pileups.

We hope that DXpedition leaders and operators will review and adhere closely to the Best Practices for DXpeditioning Operating in order to help assure well-run operations. While the DX University takes no position on how these guidelines can or should be used, we hope that the organizations might would recommend these "Best Practices," These guidelines are simply offered as our recommendations for good operating practices.

     Posted: 2012-10-08
About the DXAC

Ever wonder what the ARRL's DXAC is all about? See the DX University Blog for a short history of the DX Advisory Committee, what's it's been doing and where it's headed right now.

     Posted: 2013-09-23
DXpeditioning Basics - Revised

A new version of DXpeditioning Basics is now availabe. The original version was published in 1994. To see the new version, go to the DX University Website > DXpeditioning Tools > Publications > DXpeditioning Basics - 2013.

     Posted: 2013-09-03
Tuition Grants for DXU Students

Press Release

22 April 2013

NCDXF  DX University and Contest University Scholarships

NCDXF is committed to bringing younger DXers and Contesters into our hobby.    NCDXF will provide full tuition scholarships for hams 25 years of age and younger at all DX University and Contest University sessions held in North America for the next year.   This includes those held at the Dayton Hamvention next month.  

Funding for this project comes from NCDXF’s Scholarship Endowment Fund, which is separate from its General Fund used to support DXpeditions.

Credit for the success of NCDXF is made possible by our contributors, individuals and clubs.

Joining or renewing membership has never been easier.  Please visit our website at   http://www.ncdxf.org

Glenn Johnson, WØGJ
Vice President, NCDXF


     Posted: 2013-04-28
Upcoming Scheduled Sessions


The DX University Blog

DXpeditioning Basics - 2013


Special Information for DXpeditions!

Incorporate these into you DXpedition Web sites...

Best Practices for DXpedition Operating

How We Will Operate

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Here Now!

The DX University has released two sets of "Best Practices," one for DXers and one for DXpeditioners. These tools can be found in the DX University menu under DXing Tools and DXpeditioning Tools, Best Practices.

* Best Practices for Courteous and Efficient DXing *

* Best Practices for DXpedition Operating *



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