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DX Sessions at the IDXC in Visalia

The WeeklyDX™ Helpful Hints No. 57 from the DX University™*


The DX University will again conduct a DXing session at the International DX Convention at the IDXC in Visalia, California. The convention will be held in the weekend of April 4, 5, and 6.

Presenters will include DX University faculty members AA7A, K7CU, K7UT, K9LA, N7NG, and W3UR.

This DX University session will be configured into two serial parts. The first session in the morning will consist of presentations aimed at casual and less experienced DXers. Topics will include putting a DXing station together, basic propagation, utilizing resources and actual operating with an emphasis on frequency control -- split operating.

The afternoon session comprises a structured seminar on more advanced DXing and DXpeditioning topics. Topics include DXing Technique, DXer and DXpedition Behavior, DXpedition Funding, Awards and Rules, and Station design. The DX University faculty will field questions and moderate the discussion. Audience participation is expected, so bring lots of question and answers.

Registration has begun on the DX University website. Attendees may register for either the morning or afternoon session for $35.00. A full day registration is $55.00.

This week’s hint so to go immediately to the IDXC Website or the DX University Website and register. In addition, bring your friends. Hurry, as we anticipate a full house!