DX University™

  A Guide for DXers and DXpeditioners

Best Practices for Courteous and Efficient DXing


1.Know the DX callsign and the location of the pileup by listening carefully to the DX station and the pileup before calling.


2.Beware of erroneous spots: Copy the DX station’s call sign yourself.


3.Be careful never to transmit on the DX frequency – learn how to use your radio properly.


4.Never interfere with an existing exchange of information.


5.Always send your full callsign.


6.Call once and then listen. Then call again, if appropriate. Try not to call during an existing QSO.


7.Respond only if the DX operator calls you. One letter or number of your call is NOT enough reason to call.


8.If the DX operator has sent your call correctly, do not repeat it unless required by licensing regulations.


9.Do not call if the DX operator asks for other geographic areas.


10.To encourage the most courteous and efficient operation, operate in the way that you would expect others to operate.