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Ralph Fedor (K0IR)

Ralph has been licensed since 1961 and has been active almost continuously, beginning with CW traffic nets in the 60’s but ultimately finding his passion within contesting, DXing, and DXpeditions.


Ralph is married with four grown children and 10 grandchildren.  He is a retired board certified diagnostic radiologist, has served on multiple professional boards and committees, and now cultivates his antenna farm near St. Cloud, MN.  His past achievements include two separate DXpeditions  to South Sandwich, South Georgia and Peter I.  He has also been on DXpeditions to Easter Island, the South Orkneys, the South Shetlands, the Falklands Islands, Saba Island, Malpelo, Desecheo, Navassa, Bhutan, Amsterdam Island, and Heard Island.



Ralph is a member of the DX Hall of Fame and holds nine DXpedition of the Year awards.