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Ed Muns (W0YK)

Ed’s primary interest in amateur radio is CW contesting and DXing.  In 2004 he entered his first RTTY contest and has enjoyed the RTTY mode.  It has helped him improve his operating skills across all modes.


He is the contest director for the CQ RTTY contests (WW and WPX), the NCJ NA RTTY Sprint and co-sponsors the 10-Meter RTTY Contest with AA5AU.  Ed also authors the RTTY Contesting column in the NCJ.


After 32 years with Hewlett-Packard Company as an engineer and executive, he now farms wine grapes on 13 of his 77 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Muns Vineyard designated wine is found on several well known labels as well as on his own brand--Muns Vineyard.


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