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Ramón Santoyo V. (XE1KK)

Ramón has been an active radio amateur since 1979. He enjoys DX and contesting. DXCC on all modes: Mixed, Phone, CW, RTTY, Satellite and QRP. He also holds 9 Band DXCC and has the highest score from Mexico in ARRL's DX Challenge. He has the first Satellite and the first 10 MHz DXCCs in Mexico.

Ramon enjoys contesting both as a single operator and as a member of multi operator teams. Some of the calls he has used include: HC8N, HC8A, FP/VE7SV, XX9C, ES9C, XE1RCS, 4C2X, 6G1KK, A31KK, PW5U, A71A, 9K2/XE1KK, A4/XE1KK, XF3T, CE4CT and OX/VE7RKK.

He was the captain of Team Mexico in WRTC-2006 as PW5U and founder and first president of DXXE, a group of very active Mexican DXers and contesters (DXXE), and is currently the Secretary of IARURegion II.

Ramón is an avid traveler, as of today having visited 121 DXCC entities, operating from a third of them.


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