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Bernie McClenny (W3UR)

Bernie McClenny was first licensed as WB3JRU in September 1977 and quickly became interested in working DX.  In 1991 he changed his callsign to WR3E and became a member of the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll at the age of 27.  On November 4, 1996 WR3E was exchanged under the Vanity Call program for W3UR.  In March 1997, Bernie started the first daily e-mail DX Bulletin called The Daily DX™.  In the summer of the following year he was asked and accepted the editorship of QST's "How's DX?" column.  In March 2001, he purchased The 599 DX Report and renamed it The Weekly DX.

Bernie has operated from two all-time new DXCC countries - E44DX in Gaza, Palestine and 4W/W3UR in Baucau, East Timor.  Other DXpeditions include A61AJ, AH3D, OHØ/W3UR, VU4AN and YU8/OH2R (Kosovo).  He has also been a guest op multiple times at 4U1UN and recently operated as 8P9UR from Barbados.

When not writing or on DXpeditions, Bernie can often be found on the air chasing new ones for the DXCC Challenge.



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