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Wayne Mills (N7NG)

Seventeen DXpeditions - All Continents including Clipperton twice, Albania, Scarborough Reef and other interesting places

Club Memberships: Northern California DX Club, Utah DX Assoc, Mile Hi DX Assoc

• First licensed in 1953.
• Began chasing DX in 1956 and contesting in 1957
• DXCC in 1959, Reached the Top with ZA1A in 1991, 160M DXCC -- All from WY0
• BSEE & MSEE from University of California
• President of the Yasme Foundation
• Author of "DXpeditioning Basics," suggestions for DXpeditioners
• Seven Contest Expeditions - All Continents
• Visited 61 Countries
• Six years serving on the ARRL DX Advisory Committee, four as Chairman
• Manager of Membership Services Department at ARRL, 2000 - 2007
• Currently back to Ham Radio chasing new ones on Topband
• I was first licensed as a Novice in 1953 and later became an active DXer with a General Class license in 1956. (Drawing diagrams of Coltley and Harpitts oscillators was difficult at age 10 :-( My first DXCC was issued in 1959. The last country on the list was ZA1A, worked in October, 1991.
• After earning Bachelors and Masters Degrees at the University of California in the sixties, we moved to Wyoming, and I started a business and began to DX "seriously."
• In 1984, I was invited to join a DXpedition to Clipperton Island, and while that trip was never completed, we reached Clipperton in both 1985 and 1986 as FO0XX. In the following years, DXpeditions included another 15 trips, including ZA1A, 9M0S, H40AA and TX0A. Numerous contest expeditions and several wins and world records followed.
• I spent six interesting years in Newington as the manager of the Membership Service Department, and I am now back hamming in Wyoming again working DX seriously on Topband.

Wayne began DXing seriously in the fifties, and continued to chase countries and participate in contests at home until he was asked one day to participate in a DXpedition to Clipperton Island. That was in 1984, and it was the start of a long period of DXpeditioning and contesting off-shore. DXpedition trips include FOØXX (2), ZL9, XF4L, 3D2AM, ZA1A, BV9P, BS7H, XZ1A, TXØDX and many others on all continents. Contest efforts began in Aruba in 1988, and went on to V51Z, 4U1ITU, ZL, XZ, PT5 and more. Four years as DXAC Representative and DXAC Chairman from the Rocky Mountain Division was followed by seven years in Newington as the head of the Membership Services Department, in charge of Awards and Contest.

Wayne has written a number of articles for QST, How's DX and the ARRL Operating Manual. He is also the author of DXpeditioning Basics, an operating manual for DXpeditioners, originally published by INDEXA and the ARRL, now available free at http://www.dxpeditioningbasics.com/. He is currently writing a DXing book for ARRL that should be out in early 2013.


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