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DX University

2012-07-26 ARRL RM Division Convention, Bryce, Utah

 The organizers of DX University™ are pleased to announce that the next session of DXU will be held at Ruby’s Inn in beautiful Bryce Canyon, UT. The session will be held on Friday, July 27, 2012 in conjunction with the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Hamfest.


Professors selected from the faculty of DXU will present information targeted at the beginner through intermediate DXer, but the seasoned DXer will be surprised at the number of tips and tricks he/she will learn.


Presentations selected from those available at DX University™ include “Station and Antenna Considerations”, “Finding DX, Listening & Preparing to Call”, “Getting in the Log: Calling & QSO Mechanics”, “Ethics: QSLing, Internet & Remote Operations” and “Propagation for Working DX”.

Atendees will recieve a full day of instruction, all conference materials and hand outs, giveaways, morning and afternoon breaks and lunch.


Attendance is available by pre-registration only and previous sessions were sold out. Attendees in Salt Lake in October of 2011 were very pleased with the program:


            "I wouldn't have missed it for the world. There was information here that i doubt I could

             have gotten from any other source."


as were attendees at the session held at Visalia, CA held in conjunction with the International DX Convention in April of 2012.


"Well worth getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning for! I normally only do that for 160 meter DX. (I drove from the bay area Friday morning)." – Rick N6RK 


"I thoroughly enjoyed the DX University. I have 45 years as a licensed ham, have operated overseas...I realized that my DX experience could be vastly improved by some formal training...This experience was everything I hoped it would be. I am going to write a congratulatory paragraph about DXU for my May Newsletter." – Ron W6KJ, Sacramento Valley SM


"I attended DX University last Friday in Visalia and enjoyed the day very much. It was good to peel back the onion and learn a little more about How to DX, DXing and DXpeditions. I found each session interesting and left with a few takeaways (actions) I must do to improve my station and operating. I would absolutely recommend the DX University to my fellow operators." – Jim N6TQ


The DX University™ faculty includes such notable DXers and DXpeditioners as AA7A, N7NG, G3SXW, W9KNI, K4UEE, W3UR, XE1KK, K9LA, W6OAT, KC7V and N5IA, many of whom are inductees to the CQ DX and Contest Hall of Fame.



Jed Petrovich AD7KG - Finding DX Using Internet Resouces.pptx (1.36 MB)
Mark Richardson W7HPW - Building A DX Station.pptx (16.77 MB)
Mike Fulcher KC7V - Building A DX Station.pptx (3.44 MB)
Mike Fulcher KC7V - Contesting For DXers.pptx (2.13 MB)
Milt Jensen N5IA - Antennas.pptx (21.08 MB)
Wayne Mills N7NG - Ethics In DXing.ppt (1.35 MB)
Wayne Mills N7NG - How To Call DX.ppt (788.50 KB)