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  A Guide for DXers and DXpeditioners

DX University

2014-04-04 DX University - Afternoon Session

Presented by Staff in Panel Format

Operating– DXer Behavior vs. DXpedition Operator Performance (90 minutes or more?)

Calling Strategy

Listen more

Find the station worked vs. random placement vs. calling in one place

How aggressive?

QSO mechanics (DXer and DXpeditioner) (DXer – don’t repeat call once correct)


Continuous Calling

Not a good strategy – not productive. Bad when it works…

Not always as it seems, however. (Sync problems)

Not really all that detrimental unless targeted. 


Unnecessary QRM. QRM to the DX station:

DQRM – Deliberate QRM from psychopaths – can’t do much about it

DQRM from those (non-DXers) suffering interference from pileups – CCTV

QRM from Cops reacting to various stuff

QRM from frustrated DXers – keep the rate up

QRM from uneducated DXers – “How do I operate my radio?”



Can the DXpedition operator do anything to help? Follow Best Practices:

Communicating with the pileup

Speed and enunciation

Not too fast (CW or SSB) (Language problems)

Sign regularly (CW and SSB)

Limit the size of the pileup (NO justification for too much width)

Accepting tailenders can be counter-productive.

Some rules are not hard and fast


The effect of larger numbers of DXers

Malicious QRM resulting from greater activity

Are there too many DXers?

What is the effect of Club Log, the DXCC Challenge?

Is it really that bad?

What do we do when we reach the “dreaded 300 sticker”?


What can be done?



Mentoring (Clubs)


DXCC Rules

Remote Control (45 minutes)

Remote transmitter location -- Licensing, DXCC members, non-DXCC members

The 150 mile rule again? (History)

Proposed Rule 11 (NN1N) Approaching DXCC members with a “guilt trip” preface

  Can remote control be regulated? (ARRL, FCC)

Is DXing/Award competitive? Should it be? What about a level playing field?


DXCC Country Criteria (45 minutes)

Is the current country criteria adequate/sufficient? 

Does it reflect the world situation? Should it?

Whose award is it anyway?

The existing criteria: What would work better?


More or Fewer Awards? (15 minutes)

Do awards leads to more activity, more disruption or both?

Do awards recognize personal achievement or competition? 

DXer’s Standings: Do the standings make DXing competitive?

Should the sponsor encourage competition?


DXpedition Funding (30 minutes)

Are expedition costs excessive?

Are expectations too high?

Cost vs band-modes 

New ones vs band-modes – Can a DXpedition control this aspect?

Should the marketplace rule?


Cultural differences