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Rusty Epps (W6OAT)

Rusty was first licensed as KN4BVD in Columbus, GA in October, 1958. He won the Novice Roundup for Georgia in 1959 (his first contest). He was active in CD Parties for two decades, with many ARRL section victories.

Rusty created the GA QSO Party and did all the initial log checking while still in high school. He was a founding member of NCCC, and served variously as President, Secretary and Director.

Rusty organized the NCCC's first-ever club DXpedition to XE1KS/2 for 1971 CQ WW CW DX Contest.

Active for decades in ARRL DX Contests. Won the SOABHP SSB DX Contest for the USA in 1974 from the West Coast. [There have been only 4 West Coast wins in ARRL DX Contests between 1974 and 2006: W6OAT on SSB in 1974, W7RM on CW in 1975, W6HX on SSB in 1976, and AI6V (N6KT, op) on SSB in 1983.] Second place worldwide SOAB CW from KV4HW in 1973 using only simple wire antennas and a vertical. Holder of numerous other section and division victories.

Active for decades in the CQ WW DX Contests. Took third place worldwide SOABHP CW from 4M4AGP in 1972. Has won numerous other national, zone and state awards.

Organized major NCCC participation in the All Asia DX Contests for several years. Won SOAB first place for North America for several years.

Has participated in dozens of multi-op contests, domestically from stations such as K4BVD/6, W6OAT, N6RO, WA7NIN, K6EBB, K6IDX, and internationally as PJØFC, HC8N, P4ØV, P49V, P4ØHQ, A61AJ and YKØA (for which he was the primary organizer). These operations set numerous world, continental, zone and country records in such major contests as ARRL DX, CQ WW DX, and CQ WW WPX.

Has authored numerous articles on contesting which have appeared in QST, NCJ and club newsletters.

Has done extensive recruiting of potential contesters for NCCC membership at various hamfests and general-purpose radio club meetings.

Served as the Section Communications Manager for the ARRL's San Francisco Section, as an Assistant Director in the Pacific Division, as a Sixth District QSL Bureau card sorter, and as an ARRL Volunteer Counsel.

Recently has become active in RTTY contesting.

He is a Director and President of the Northern California DX Foundation, and is presently a Director and Treasurer of the Yasme Foundation.

He is the holder of DXCC (373 countries confirmed), #1 DXCC Honor Roll, 5B-DXCC (number 74), 5B-WAS (number 44). I was one of only two individuals who successfully earned the ARRL's 40 wpm code proficiency certificate the first time that speed was ever transmitted from W1AW. Am a past president and director of the Northern California DX Club and have been selected that group's "DXer of the Year". Presently serves on the CQ Contest Committee. Was inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame in May, 1996 and into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in April, 2005.


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