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2013-04-19 DX Academy at Visalia - 2013

Session A (Host: Wayne, N7NG)
08:00 AM  "DXpedition Ethics" by Wayne, N7NG
09:00 AM  "DX Station and Antenna Considerations" by Ned, AA7A
10:00 AM  to 10:10 AM BREAK 
10:10 AM  "Getting Them In The Log: Effective On-Air Techniques" by Bob, W9KNI
11:00 AM  "Propagation" by Carl, K9LA
11:50 AM  Ask the Speakers – Q&A, Discussion

Session B (Host: Curt, K7CU)
08:00 AM  "Your First DXpedition: What To Expect" by Don, N1DG
09:00 AM   "DX Awards" by Curt, K7CU
10:00 AM to 10:10 AM BREAK 
10:10 AM  "Successful QSLing" by John, K6YP
11:00 AM  "DXCC Honor Roll In One Solar Cycle" (A Little Pistol Adventure) by Rich, KY6R
11:50 AM  Ask the Speakers – Q&A, Discussion


 K6YP - Strategies For Successful QSLing.pdf (12.92 MB)
  (4.00 KB)
 N1DG - Your First DXpedition.pdf (14.19 MB)
 KY6R - DXCC In One Solar Cycle.pdf (26.12 MB)
Bob Locher W9KNI - Getting Them In The Log.pdf (379.58 KB)
Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA - Propagation.pdf (7.89 MB)
Curt Wilbur K7CU - Awards And Recognitons.pdf (15.21 MB)
Ned Stearns AA7A - Station And Antenna Considerations.pdf (4.44 MB)
Wayne Mills N7NG - Resource Handout.pdf (0.00 KB)
Wayne Mills N7NG - Best Practices.pdf (613.90 KB)