DX University™

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DX University

2011-11-12 University of Utah

November 12th, 2011 in Room 2325 of the Merrill Engineering Building (Map) at the University of Utah

This, the first session of DX University held, was envisioned as a trial run for the session being planned for the international DX Convention in Visalia in April of 2012. The agenda, topics and level of detail and complexity were chosen to test their suitability for Visalia. All presentations were made by members of the Utah DX Association.

The event was sold out (the capacity of the facilty was 60 persons) and we allowed standing room only participants. Evaluations were very favorable.

One typical comment: "I wouldn't have missed it for the world! There was information that I doubt I could have gotten from any other source."

The program for Visaiia was fine-tuned and taken on the road.

Further sessions in Salt Lake are contemplated and a number of attendees have committed to attend them.



Bryce Anderson K7UA - Listening and Finding DX.ppt (14.58 MB)
Curt Wilbur K7CU - Awards.ppt (3.20 MB)
Darryl Hazelgren K7UT - Logging and QSLing.ppt (38.61 MB)
Don Butler N5LZ - Dxing for Contesting.ppt (5.15 MB)
Jed Petrovich AD7KG - Internet Resources.ppt (322.50 KB)
Mark Richardson W7HPW - Station and Antenna.ppt (4.95 MB)
Wayne Mills N7NG - Calling DX and QSO Mechanics.ppt (258.00 KB)