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Mike Fulcher (KC7V)

Founding member of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club.   Founding member of the VooDoo Contest Group.   30 year member of the Central Arizona DX Association.

I was licensed in 1972, just after high school graduation.  My first call was WN9IXO.  I went on to Arizona State University so I did not do much over the next four plus years.  I graduated and ended up in Salt Lake City from 1976 to 1980.  I became WB7SVQ then KB7JE before passing the Extra Class exam and being given KC7V in 1980.  I began contesting in the fall of 1977 over at a friend's place by putting up a low dipole and working the world barefoot.  I was definitely hooked.

I worked on my skills until I become a proficient CW operator.  My job had me traveling to various Asian countries in the mid 1980’s, so contest DXPeditioning  got into my blood and I operated as DU1/KC7V, NH2/KC7V and XX9MF during my trips.  In 1986 I joined K5VT and N7BG along with many W6’s for my first Multi-Multi experience from KP2N, then KP2A through 1988.  We actually won the world and set a record from a two point location.

Roger, G3SXW joined up with us in 1989 from 4U0ITU and the core of the VooDoo Contest Group started with the four of us.  Over the years we operated in the CQWW CW Contest as CN5N, C56N, ZC4Z, ZF2WW, 9G5AA, TY5A, 5V7A, XT2DX, 5U5Z, TZ5A, 3X5A and 9L5A.  We’ve won seven Multi-Multi #1 in the world plaques and a few contest expedition plaques.  What a ride it has been and I hope it continues.

I was fortunate in 1996 to be invited to act as a referee at the WRTC in San Francisco.  I acted as a referee again in 2006 at the WRTC in Brazil.  It has been a tremendous experience and I love the friendships worldwide that have come from my travels.

I have visited 56 DXCC entities and have operated from 35 entities and 21 zones. My interests include Contesting, DXing, operating EME and playing in amateur baseball leagues.  I am a member and four times past-President of the Central AZ DX Association (CADXA) and one of the highlights of my amateur radio career was to be invited to become a member of FOC in 1993.

In 2009 I joined with my close friends K8IA, K7WP, N7RQ, and AB7E to help start the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club.  To see it grow so quickly and become known internationally is a testament to the fun of contesting.  See you on the air.


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